Static Awareness (Meghalaya) – Download Meghalaya Static GK Notes PDF

Static Awareness (Meghalaya) Notes

Meghalaya Static GK Notes:- So Friends today we are going to discuss static awareness of Meghalaya. The topic of Static Awareness (Meghalaya) is going to cover all the basic information related to Indian State Meghalaya like as Ministers of Meghalaya, National Parks, Important Dams in Meghalaya etc. For every detail, you can visit this article and also Download Meghalaya Static GK Notes in PDF Format from the given link below.Static Awareness (Meghalaya) available at pathantu.

Static Awareness (Meghalaya) – Static GK Notes

Hey friends! We are now starting a series which will help you all in learning static general awareness in a state-wise manner. It is being classified in such a way that our aspirants will be able to remember all the important facts about this particular state. This post Static Awareness (Meghalaya) is going to cover all the information you need to know regarding Bank and SSC Exams.


  • Meghalaya is a state in Northeast India. The name means “the abode of clouds” in Sanskrit.
  • Meghalaya covers an area of approximately 22,430 square kilometers, with a length to breadth ratio of about 3:1.

Capital: Shillong

Chief Minister: Mukul Sangma

Governor: Ganga Prasad

High Court: The Meghalaya High Court

Chief Justice: Uma Nath Singh

Language(s): Khasi, Garo, Pnar, Hajong, Tiwa (Lalung), Rabha and Biate

Borders: The state is bounded to the south by the Bangladeshi divisions of Mymensingh and Sylhet, to the west by the Bangladeshi division of Rangpur, and to the north and east by India’s State of Assam. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong.

Number of Districts: 11

Airports: Shillong Airport, HQ Eastern Air Command Helipad, Baljek Airport and Shillong Indian Army Helipad

Tribes: The pure Khasis can be sited at the Khasi hills, the Pnars or Jaintias can be located on Jaintia hills. Apart from these, there are many other tribes in Meghalaya. They are Bhois in the north of Meghalaya, Khynriams in the central and Wars in the southern region.


Static GK- Important Titles/ Rivers/ Festivals/ Ports in Meghalaya

Hello everyone if you are looking for Static GK then, you are on the right platform. The Static GK covers all the basic information related to the Indian State Meghalaya i.e. Important Rivers, Important Heritage Sites in Meghalaya, Important Dams, etc. So from here you can prepare yourself and increase Meghalaya Static Awareness.

Rivers Location
Someswari Netrakona District
Jinjiram Goalpara District
Kalu Ratnapura
Myntdu Jaintia Hills
Kopili Central Assam

Important Dams and Associated Rivers –  

Dam Rivers
Khandong Dam Kopili
Kyrdemkulai Dam Umtru
Myntdu- Leshka Dam Myntdu
Nongkhyllem Dam Umtru
Umiam Dam Ri Bhoi
Umtru Dam Ri Bhoi

Important Power Generation Plants –  

S.No. Plant/ Project
1.         Myntdu Leshka Stage-I
2.         Umiam Hydroelectric Project
3.         Umiam-Umtru Hydroelectric Project
4.         Umtru Hydroelectric Project


Important Regional Festivals –

S.No. Festivals/ Fair
1.         Autumn Festival
2.         Behdienkhlam
3.         Nongkrem

Important Temples and Archaeological Monuments –

S.No. Temples and Archaeological Monuments
1.         Madiah Kmai Blai
2.         Vishnupur 
3.         Khongjom 
4.         Koubru 
5.         Shaheed Minar of Bir Tikendrajit Park
6.         David Scott Monument 

Important Folk Dance of Manipur –

S.No. Dance
1.         Bihu Dance
2.         Hajgiri
3.         Nongkrem
4.         Dhol Cholom

Important National Parks-

Balphakaram National Park

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