Newspaper Editorials – The Hindu Editorials Vocab 24×7 Set 47

Vocab 24x7 Set 47

Hello, Students once again your warm welcome at Vocab 24×7. Here you can read Newspaper Editorials Vocab with The Hindu Vocab Daily Dose and learn new The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (Vocab 24×7 Set 47) on daily basis. provides “Hindu Editorial Collection”. I am Anjali Sharma and the following section consists of the vocab words that are taken from The Hindu.

 VOCABULARY (Newspaper Editorials Vocab 24×7 Set 47)

  • Amid (preposition)

Meaning- in middle or into something

Synonym- betwixt

Antonym- out of

Sentence- Amidst the process of divorce they never forgot that their children mattered the most.

  • Overhaul (verb)

Meaning- to change something completely in order to repair it

Synonym- debug

Antonym- disarrange

Sentence- It is now necessary to overhaul the administrative practices or the condition may worsen.

  • Referendum (noun)

Meaning- the method of practicing or referring measures proposed or passed by a legislative body

Synonym- mandate


Sentence- It is necessary to abide by the referendum passed by the government or legal actions may be taken.

  • Decisive (adjective)

Meaning- being able to make confident and quick choices

Synonym- determined

Antonym- skeptical

Sentence- in order to be a successful, one is required to be decisive in nature.

  • Bicameral (adjective)

Meaning- a legislative body with two chambers

Synonym- bipartisan

Antonym- unicameral

Sentence- Parliament of India is bicameral in nature having two chambers i.e. the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

  • Redistributionist (noun)

Meaning- a person who believes in or supports income redistribution

Synonym- reconstruct

Antonym- conservative

Sentence- In order to gain people’s support a leader is required to be redistributionist.

  • Ostracism (noun)

Meaning-Exclusion by general consent from common privileges or social acceptance



Sentence– Ostracism is a common fate for tell-all writers. 

  • Pervasive (adjective)

Meaning-Existing in or spreading through every part of something



Sentence-Television has a pervasive influence on our society.

  • Gazetted (verb)

Meaning-A journal giving official information

Synonym-Newspaper, Announcement


Sentence– I picked up the monthly car-buyer’s gazette when he was in town.

  • Pernicious (adjective)

Meaning-Causing or something which is capable of causing harm



Sentence-There are many pernicious effects of the illegal practices on the society.

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