Newspaper Editorials – The Hindu Editorials Vocab 24×7 Set 49

Hello, Students once again your warm welcome at Vocab 24×7. Here you can read Newspaper Editorials Vocab with The Hindu Vocab Daily Dose and learn new The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (Vocab 24×7 Set 49) on daily basis. provides “Hindu Editorial Collection”. I am Anjali Sharma and the following section consists of the vocab words that are taken from The Hindu.

VOCABULARY (Newspaper Editorials Vocab 24×7 Set 49 )

  • Inevitable (adjective)

Meaning– Incapable of being avoided

Synonym– Unavoidable

Antonym– avoidable

Sentence– The errors in the project report were inevitable.

  • Astutely (adverb)

Meaning– having shrewdness or mentally sharp

Synonym– intelligently

Antonym– carelessly

Sentence– He behaved astutely and resolved the conflict.

  • Sojourn (noun)

Meaning– spends a certain length of time or resides temporarily

Synonym– tour

Antonym– reside

Sentence- The group of people enjoyed a one-week sojourn in Himalayan ranges.  

  • Facile (adjective)

Meaning– accomplished easily, clearly or performing adroitly

Synonym– smooth

Antonym– laborious

Sentence- He is amazingly a facile music composer.

  • Luster (noun)

Meaning– appearance of excellence or a quality that outshines usually

Synonym– brilliancy

Antonym– disgrace

Sentence- all the controversies blurred her luster.

  • Resultant (adjective)

Meaning– something that results

Synonym– effect

Antonym– cause

Sentence- her suggestions increased the sales and resultant she got the increment.

  • Ecstatic (adjective)

Meaning– delightful or feeling great to rapture

Synonym– excited

Antonym– miserable

Sentence- They were ecstatic when they heard that their child won the match.

  • Arduous (adjective)

Meaning– difficult to achieve or testing powers of endurance

Synonym– strenuous

Antonym– manageable

Sentence- the years of arduous study and his never-failing determination is an inspiration for all.

  • Prodigies (noun)

Meaning– something extraordinary or marvelous

Synonym– geniuses

Antonym– expectations

Sentence- She is music prodigy.

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