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Static GK Quizzes:- This section of Pathantu covers the Static GK Quizzes based on the Static GK Notes published on the day to day basis. The student with the Static GK Notes will be able to perform the quiz also, which will help them in assessing themselves regularly. These Static GK Quizzes are specially designed for Static GK Quizzes for Bank and Static GK Quizzes for SSC exams. The Static GK Quizzes will cover the subjects that are already included in the Static GK Notes.

The GK Quiz will help the aspirants in all possible ways. Here the candidate can appear for the quizzes which are framed by experts to the best of their knowledge and the information is taken from the reliable sources. This state- wise GK Quiz covers the topics like:

Static GK Quizzes Covers Following Topics Related to Indian States

  1. Ministers
  2. Culture and Religion
  3. Food
  4. Rivers and Dams
  5. Economy
  6. Natural Resources

 There will be a specific time limit for finishing the quiz, once the quiz is finished the candidate can see his/her score and also the correct answers.


The Static GK Quizzes will help the aspirants those who are preparing for exams like IBPS, SSC, and other banking exams.

Attempt the GK Quizzes for getting better results and securing a good score in the exam as it is one of the easiest ways of learning and gaining.

Static GK Quizzes Covered Following Exams(SSC, IBPS, Railway)

Pathantu Static GK covered mainly SSC and IBPS Exams. The Candidates who preparing for SSC and IBPS Can test their knowledge through Static GK Quizzes. Static GK Quizzes for SSC and Static GK Quizzes For Bank covered basically all the information which will be asked in upcoming SSC & Bank Exams.

For further Information related to Static GK Quizzes For SSC and Static GK Quizzes for Bank please bookmark this page. On this page we will update Static GK Quizzes on daily basis which covers all indian states static GK.